DRY COSMOPOLITAN BAR by Javier de las Muelas


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The  distinguished business man and well-known mixologist Javier de las Muelas signed an agreement with Sol Meliá to open the exclusive Dry Cosmopolitan Bar at the Gran Meliá Fenix Hotel. It is worth mentioning that this was the hotel where The Beatles stayed in when they gave their mythic concert in Madrid on 2nd June 1965.

The space is divided in four areas: the Coffee Corner at the cupola, the Four Seasons lounge, the bar and the terrace.

DRY & Tonics, Exotiks, Fresh Fruit Martinis and even Beer Cocktails, the menu offers a very extensive choice suitable for all palates, including some of the specialties of the house such as the Sharon Stone and the Carnyvore.

The Coffee Corner also offers a fine selection of teas and Nesspreso Grand Cru coffee. 

And if you feel a bit peckish try some of the delicious tapas like the famous Lola Flores canapé.

While you enjoy a Lichee & Cherry Martini or a Ximz, take the opportunity to enjoy some of the pieces of art that dress the walls, like the 9 metres long still life behind the bar by Jorge Diezma. By the way, that painting that looks like a Francis Bacon IT IS a Francis Bancon. Apparently a gift from a client, as I was told - Please remind me to invite that very generous person to my next birthday party, I've got some naked walls in my house ;-)

In summary, superb cocktails and excellent service in a classic yet trendy atmosphere.

See you there!!

Marisa de Lys

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DRY Cosmopolitan Bar
Gran Meliá Fenix Hotel
Hermosilla 2/ Plaza de Colón
Tel.- +34 91 431 67 00